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Yiwei Zhang

A Master of Interior Architecture at NESAD/Suffolk Universit


Infusion - Tea House and Habitat

The teahouse was designed with two concepts, ‘slow’ and ‘nature’, in mind for accomplishment of stimulating social interaction. The space aims to integrate the physical with the emotional, breaking down the physical barriers to engage oneself and others on a more personal basis through the designing of harmony and sustainable environment.

Office Redesign

The project was to redesign a 3020s.f space for an investment company to accommodate approx.32 people. The goal was to create a professional, organized and efficient working environment.

Urban Campsites

Urban Campsites provide a valuable addition to any city’s hospitality industry. The design for The Camp is based on the idea of origami. The Camp, designed as an ‘art object’ makes them a welcome addition to the urban landscape.

Boylston Station Redesign

Incorporated the Milky Way brand into the rehabilitation of the Boylston Station. The goal was to create more gourmet feel and revitalize the Milky Way Brand into a fun and intriguing chocolate bar.

T House

Establishing the connection with nature has become the desire in our living condition. This is the place where you have a moment slowing down, engaging with nature through varieties of activities.

Crocs® Retail Store

Eleven individual pieces of structure panels created the ‘waving’ channel. This feature is carrying the characteristics of fun, young, energetic into the designing of a contemporary Crocs® retail store.


All sketches were done during the Barcelona trip, learning and discovering Gaudi’s incredible architects. The sketches include Gaudi Cathedral, Park Guell, House Casa Batllo and Casa Mila.